Hey everybody!

I want to apologize for the update taking so long. Back in August, 2014 I had the mod about 90% updated, but then I came back to my last year of university and got overwhelmed with work. I lost the motivation to mod because MInecraft had updated again and modding these days is literally just having to write the same code over and over and over again, expecting the same result. It’s literally the definition of insanity. This past weekend Corosus visited me and over the span of two nights we did an insane amount of code and knocked out most of the remaining features that needed to be added, though we had to remove some due to time constraints so we could get you all a mostly finished mod.

Here is where you all come in. Tonight or tomorrow, I will make our repository open source. If anybody notices a bug, you can report it on our issue tracker ( ). I can’t promise we will be quick about fixing bugs, as I graduate university in ~3 weeks and am simultaneously trying to start a company, but I promise we will do our best. If you are also interested in contributing to the Tropicraft repository and would like to help us with development, find us in our IRC channel!

It has been a long ride, and I’m sorry for the wait. But now you all can enjoy 1.7.10 with a new tropical paradise. I hope you enjoy the stay! :)

~ Cojo