v4.0.4a! Yay more bug fixes...and some news!

Hey everyone. I decided to push another set of bug fixes for MC 1.4.2. It will say “Tropicraft for MC 1.4.3” but that is because I intended that to be out by now…which it is not.

I would also like to say that over the next few months there will not be much development done on Tropicraft due to finals approaching, and general lack of time to do anything except focus on school and life. We will continue to update, though, no worries. Enjoy!

Changelog for v4.0.4a:

~ Re-fixed tropical water buckets
~ Fixed incorrect version number
~ Snorkels work correctly now (they give 4x air)
~ Flippers work correctly now (they improve maneuver speed underwater, impede movement speed when out of water)
~ Encyclopedias now generate at spawn in the chest
~ Tropical fish spawns fixed