V3.0.3 is out! Bug fixes galore!

Many of your bugs have been fixed, including the encyclopedia not showing up, and some weird koa bugs. Here is Corosus’s changelog:

We also made it so when you enter the realm at vanilla world sunset, it turns to sunrise in the realm. Therefore, the realm is always 12 hours ahead.

As I find more details about all of our fixes, I will post them here. Most likely this is our last set of bug fixes until we release 3.1

Encyclopedia giving folks things they haven’t even seen
Encyclopedia should now appear in the portal chest
Added some missing wood-based recipes
Added recipes involving charcoal
Fixed slabs only being minable with a pickaxe
Removed purple textured items from showing up in TMI
Fish can despawn if they haven’t been caught
Achievement ID is now configurable
Small adjustment to pineapple growth rate
Tiki torches now placeable on fences, glass, and upside-down stairs
Added configuration option to disable volcano generation
Dropped saplings should remain the correct type
As long as a sword is implemented correctly it should give chunks/cubes to the player.
Chairs are less pushable, and Umbrellas can’t be pushed.
Encyclopedia Tropica now has sound.
EIH should be damageable with other mod’s pickaxes…so long as they can mine iron
Ashen should spawn in groups as large as 3. GL HF.
TMI and NEI shouldn’t create a bunch of textureless items.
Turtles drop shells, and Manowars drop slime balls…for now