Tropicraft 4.0.1 Alpha update!

Wheeeeeeeeeee, bug fixes galore! Corosus, MrRube, fishtaco, and I have been hard at work fixing bugs and adding in some new features for you all, hope you enjoy!

When you install the new version, if it doesn’t run at first, please PLEASE make sure to delete your old TropicraftMod.cfg before coming to us with your error, because some of the item IDs have been changed, we will make sure you don’t have to do this again in the future. Thanks and enjoy your tropical vacation!

Complete changelog:

  • Added recipe to craft encyclopedia
  • Added recipes INTO encyclopedia
  • Torches can be placed on bamboo fences
  • Added Water Wand
  • Palm and Mahagony logs can be placed on their sides
  • Bamboo Has a side texture and can be placed like a log
  • Bamboo Doors are in (needs an item sprite and recipe)
  • Added Portal Enchanter item
    – Includes Weather Mod 1.21 – 1.22 updates, new tropicraft specific configs
    – Tiki Torches emit light
    – Hopefully fixed snorkels/flippers crashing server
    – Fixed koa crash on server
    – Fixed missing main world generation of tropicraft trees, bamboo etc
    – Fixed generation of world features only happening around X: 0, Z: 0
    – Fixed darts causing FOV changes on all players
    – Fixed darts not freezing mobs on server side
    – Fixed bamboo chests not animating

You can download it from