Fixed crash with NEI
Tropicraft portal no longer sets spawn location
Coral no longer looks sad/blocky underwater
Bamboo chutes are back to their usual one-click destruction now
Flowers no longer make stone sound when placed/broken

Fixed issue where player could not teleport back to the overworld
Re-added coral gen
Re-added tropics ore gen
Fixed issues with fertilizer using two items at once
Fixed tropical fish bucket derps
Fixed chair and umbrella recipes
Fixed umbrella not rendering in bamboo mug
Fixed crash when rainforest saplings grew
Mod is now open source :D
Renamed EIH
Fixed EIH collision box
Fixed a possible server crash (issue #35)
Made leaves only drop items server-side (issue #39)

Fixed iris placement
Made Koa villages more common
Made pineapples spawn in the overworld
Fixed incompatibility with Thermal Expansion
Fixed incompatibility with mods that had tanks/fluid container (specifically, a crash with MFR)

Fixed crash on servers that prevented people from joining or accessing inventory
Added back the teleportation by drinking a pina colada in a beach chair at sunset to get to the tropics. Forgot to add that in, oops :)

Fixed missing images on frog leg, portal enchanter, and snare trap items
Fixed issue where palm saplings could not be planted on sand

Removed oku’s fishing for now
Added 4 new sands for beaches (green sands, coral sands, mineral sands, and black sands)
Added a new ore type that can be refined through sifting mineral sands over a heat source
Added zirconium and zirconium toolset (get zirconium by smelting zircon, then taking that and surrounding a diamond with it)
Made terrain gen way more islandy and 200% moar relaxing
Added fire armor
Removed dart gun types. Dart gun now shoots darts based on whichever curare darts are in order in the inventory.
Added pretty seahorses courtesy of RazzleberryFox!

Fixed a crash with sea turtle eggs, when they are supposed to hatch they instead crashed the game!
Added fire pit texture, thanks to our newest helper, OblivionKing13x!

Fixed bamboo chute and coconuts giving their blocks instead of items on middle click pick
Coffee plants now turn into their berriless state when right-clicked instead of into air
Fixed missing koa textures
Fixed crash with echinoderm eggs
Fixed incorrect mod version
Added in null-check during bucket placement
Fixed static id lookup issue caused by id resolvers
Possibly other things!

Added null check in bucket event thingy, should fix a crash with dartcraft and possibly other mods as well
Actually fixed the missing ashen mask texture this time!

Changing resource packs mid-game no longer crashes weathermod
Coconuts no longer suffocate player
Coconut bombs tell player they don’t have permission to use them when they are not on the coconut bomb whitelist
Fixed the genOverworldPalmsInBeachOnly config option to actually work :D
Fixed indestructible umbrella bug
Fixed missing horn monkey ashen mask texture

Fixed bug where nothing generated in the overworld because I messed up a boolean (if you have this bug, simply upgrade to the newest Tropicraft and delete your old Tropicraft config!)
Fixed coremod rendering (thanks cpw and zeldo :D)
Added warning in portal that lets you know if you need to drink a pina colada in order to teleport
Fixed encyclopedia gui bug
Added biome ids to config file

Updated to Minecraft 1.6.4

Fruit Leaves dropped vanilla leaf drops
Palm wood breaks way to fast
Cannot harvest whole coconut
All blocks breaking too easy
Portal enchanter not having a texture
Fixed the unused enchanting ids
Coremod tomfoolery
Added crafting recipes for curare bowl and EIH mixer (still need to update page though)
TradeHut doesnt break with different block ID defaults
Now Notifies you if a new update is out


Block changes
Added bamboo flower pots
Added coffee plants
Added an Easter Island Head drink mixer
Added playable bongo drums (3 sizes!)
Added curare bowl for mixing plants together to make different types of poison for darts

Entity changes
All AI was given a redux by Corosus
Added failgulls
Added sea urchins and sea urchin eggs. Sea urchins breed automatically in close proximity with a maximum number of neighbors.
Added multiple types of starfish (Royal, Red). Starfish breed similarly to sea urchins.
Added spotted eagle rays
Added koa traders (one per village)
Added secret cave-dwelling mob

Item changes
Added snare trap item: catches mobs and players when placed, preventing them from moving. Attack it with your hands to free yourself.
Added coffee: raw coffee beans roastable in furnaces to be used in the drink mixer block.
Added fire armor: prevents damage while in lava. Has awesome flame particle effects. Currently only obtainable in creative mode.
Added fire ball staff: shoots fire balls setting mobs on fire
Added tame ball staff: shoots cages to tame mobs
Added sea urchin roe as food: obtainable by killing adult sea urchins
Boosted strength of tools and weapons made from tropicraft ores
Added curare for making darts of many types of poisons
Added darts of many types of poisons
Added blow guns of many types to shoot the darts of many types of poisons
Added 4 new music discs:

  • Punchaface – Buried Treasure
  • Punchaface – Low Tide
  • Emile Van Krieken – The Tribe
  • Billy Christiansen – Summering

World changes
The world, we changed it

Misc changes
Placable bamboo mugs
Added bamboo item frames

– Fixes teleportation bug when drinking pina colada

– Updated Weather to 1.3


  • You sleep in a bed at any time during the day or night while in the tropics and you will immediately be teleported back to the main world. Make sure the bed is in a dark enough area.
  • Drinking a pina colada and sitting in a chair to get back to the main world now works at sunset again.


  • Fixed server lag (snorkels and flippers won’t work as a result, this will be fixed, don’t worry!)
  • Fixed teleportation (you will only be able to teleport at night currently, but it’s better than only during the first day you play, which was the bug that was fixed!)
  • Fixed version number (just kidding, just realized I derped, it should be 4.2.1 not 4.2.a……oh well)


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.4.6
  • Fixed console spam
  • Fixed bamboo and tiki torches giving block instead of item
  • Fixed sifter sync issues where only the activating user can see the changes
  • Fixed turtle eggs spawning a client side turtle, too
  • Fixed Man O’ Wars spawning client side slime balls on death
  • Fixed baby turtles not rendering as such
  • Datawatcher enabled ashens and mask entities
  • Disabled initial chunk gen (will take a bit longer to enter realm but it shouldn’t crash anymore)
  • More pick block bugs fixed (iris flowers, pineapples and bamboo doors)
  • Fixed flipper names
  • Removed need for RenderPlayerAPI!
  • Fix for portal blocks crashing dedicated server
  • Fixed snorkel and flippers
  • Added snare traps
  • Fixed bamboo doors not responding to redstone
  • Made palm plank half slabs usable as furnace fuel
  • Added screen overlays for snorkels and ashen masks
  • Rewrote sound installing to load sounds from the jar, fixing lacking sounds in-game
    – Removed Tropical Herobrine

– Volcano eruptions
– Koa stuff
– Infinite fish spawning bug (ugh that was annoying!)
– Head armor bug
– Not being able to place bamboo doors bug
– Fixed sifters dropping items that couldn’t be picked up

Simple update to 1.4.5

~ Re-fixed tropical water buckets
~ Fixed incorrect version number
~ Snorkels work correctly now (they give 4x air)
~ Flippers work correctly now (they improve maneuver speed underwater, impede movement speed when out of water)
~ Encyclopedias now generate at spawn in the chest
~ Tropical fish spawns fixed

~ Fixed chair/portal teleportation
~ Moved purified sand to misc. tab
~ Fixed weird texture overlay bugs with ashen masks, snorkels, and flippers

  • Added ashen spawn to realm
  • Added tropical fish spawn to realm

~ Fixed logs dropping sideways metadata, they all drop the original block now
– Removed herobrine (jeb forgot to)
~ Fix to ConcurrentModificationException with Man O Wars
~ Fixed tropical water buckets

  • Added all tropical fish buckets to creative mode
    ~ Fixed tropical fish buckrets
    ~ “Fixed� the time offset. It no longer exists, but may come back in the future in a different form.
    ~ Changed water wands water removal (you no longer need to click on a surface)


  • Added recipe to craft encyclopedia
  • Added recipes INTO encyclopedia
  • Torches can be placed on bamboo fences
  • Added Water Wand
  • Palm and Mahagony logs can be placed on their sides
  • Bamboo Has a side texture and can be placed like a log
  • Bamboo Doors are in (needs an item sprite and recipe)
  • Added Portal Enchanter item
    – Includes Weather Mod 1.21 – 1.22 updates, new tropicraft specific configs
    – Tiki Torches emit light
    – Hopefully fixed snorkels/flippers crashing server
    – Fixed koa crash on server
    – Fixed missing main world generation of tropicraft trees, bamboo etc
    – Fixed generation of world features only happening around X: 0, Z: 0
    – Fixed darts causing FOV changes on all players
    – Fixed darts not freezing mobs on server side
    – Fixed bamboo chests not animating


  • Added SMP support
  • Added waves on water
  • Added hidden configuration options
  • Added crop circles

v 3.0.3

Encyclopedia giving folks things they haven’t even seen
Encyclopedia should now appear in the portal chest
Added some missing wood-based recipes
Added recipes involving charcoal
Fixed slabs only being minable with a pickaxe
Removed purple textured items from showing up in TMI
Fish can despawn if they haven’t been caught
Achievement ID is now configurable
Small adjustment to pineapple growth rate
Tiki torches now placeable on fences, glass, and upside-down stairs
Added configuration option to disable volcano generation
Dropped saplings should remain the correct type
As long as a sword is implemented correctly it should give chunks/cubes to the player.
Chairs are less pushable, and Umbrellas can’t be pushed.
Encyclopedia Tropica now has sound.
EIH should be damageable with other mod’s pickaxes…so long as they can mine iron
Ashen should spawn in groups as large as 3. GL HF.
TMI and NEI shouldn’t create a bunch of textureless items.
Turtles drop shells, and Manowars drop slime balls…for now

v 3.0.2

Sifters giving infinite items
Bamboo Spears not breaking
Fishing nets not swinging when used
Being able to consume food when the hunger meter is full. Pina coladas will still be drinkable when hunger is full.
Palm Planks give sticks and can be crafted into tools
Pina Coladas are now a shapeless recipe…Yay for 2×2 crafting
Volcanoes generating “Arms� when reforming the caldera
Eruptions not saving
Lighting glitches
Slabs transforming
Iris bugs
MLProp not using the values you provide in the config
Bamboo grows in jebungles and plains
Tribal Fishing Rod should not be visible in TMI anymore
Craftable Encyclopedias
Darts give 4 instead of 1
Fixed Eudialyte Axe Recipe