(5.1.7) Bug Fixes, B-Team, and More!

Hey everybody!

Wow, it has been quite a while since I have posted on here! I am so sorry about that, school has been crazy this semester and the rest of the team has been busy with their own mods and lives!

A few months ago something huge happened: Attack of the B-Team mod pack! We saw an incredible spike in downloads, an unprecedented amount, in fact. It has been incredibly motivating to see YouTube videos featuring our mod pop up all over the internet again, being featured in PCGamer mag, and having people around my school talk about Tropicraft. Not only have I recently really wanted to start playing Minecraft again, but I got a surge of energy that I hope will motivate me to finish updating my somewhat secret sub-mod of Tropicraft that I have been working on for some time now, which I will push into the next build of Tropicraft if all goes as planned! I am incredibly thankful for all of the support we have received from fans and hope you all will continue to support us as we get back into dev mode!

I have been asked recently if I do streams, and while I have not really done it before, I will consider doing it for the 1.7 release of Tropicraft, assuming we decide to do that (we will unless 1.8 is coming soon, which I do not think it is).

The bug fixes in 5.1.7 include:
– CRUCIAL FIX: Tropics portal no longer sets the world spawn point :D
– Koa currency is fixed, you use white pearls for trading!
– Koa traders don’t run away anymore
– Koa villagers generate in villages (sometimes they didn’t before!)
– Hopefully fixed weird ore crash with Thaumic Tinkerer
– Fixed pathfinder issues for mobs that caused issues with Attack of the B-Team

The features added in 5.1.7 include:
– Sunken ships
– Underground groves
– Finished fishing (Thanks oku!)
– Made all fishing rods obtainable (Thanks oku!)

If there are any persisting bugs or issues don’t hesitate to let us know on our github ( or twitter!

Thanks, and as always, happy Tropicrafting!
~ Cojo