Big fix ahoy!

Howdy everyone! We thank you all for your patience as we fixed a ton of bugs that were inevitable when accompanying such a huge release. Here is the changelog. Enjoy the tropical paradise!

Fixed Bugs

Sifters giving infinite items

Bamboo Spears not breaking

Fishing nets not swinging when used

Being able to consume food when the hunger meter is full. Pina coladas will still be drinkable when hunger is full.

Palm Planks give sticks and can be crafted into tools

Pina Coladas are now a shapeless recipe…Yay for 2×2 crafting

Volcanoes generating “Arms” when reforming the caldera

Eruptions not saving

Lighting glitches

Slabs transforming

Iris bugs

MLProp not using the values you provide in the config

Bamboo grows in jebungles and plains

Tribal Fishing Rod should not be visible in TMI anymore

Craftable Encyclopedias

Darts give 4 instead of 1

Fixed Eudialyte Axe Recipe